Veda Recycled Wool Throw
Veda Recycled Wool Throw


Veda Recycled Wool Throw

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A functional home accessory, Veda is the perfect wrap-around throw made for enveloping comfort. Crafted in recycled wool from Italy in a heavy, densely knitted quality - soft, warm and breathable with a slightly brushed surface.

The recycled wool material is a part of the Aiayu circular production, where scraps and leftover fabric is beautifully transformed from waste into resources. Only high quality and pure natural fibers are eligible for this purpose, creating new luxury yarns from existing high-end product.

Size: 150 x 180 cm. 

100% recycled Italian wool, produced as an integral part of the circular program, putting every little scrap to good use and avoiding waste. Only the best and purest mono materials can be used for recycling purposes, ensuring that the end-product is high quality and durable, made for many years of loving wear.