Mette Vind Vogt

Goldsmith Mette Vind Vogt has her roots in Jutland, Denmark, where she was born and raised. While initially studying to become an architect in Copenhagen, she decided to follow her true passion and graduated as a goldsmith in 2016. Today, she resides with her family in the countryside just outside Copenhagen, where her workshop is also located.

Mette is deeply committed to using only the finest and most naturally sourced materials. Her gold is exclusively 18-karat recycled gold, and the silver is sterling silver obtained from local European sources. She meticulously selects untreated gemstones from her supplier in Copenhagen, ensuring that each stone has been cut and polished in Sri Lanka, adhering to the highest quality standards and ethical working conditions.

When it comes to diamonds, Mette sources them from legal and conflict-free suppliers in alignment with UN resolutions. Her jewelry exudes a sense of clean, minimalist design and a profound love for nature. We consider ourselves fortunate to showcase a small collection of her unique jewelry pieces in our store—each piece, whether a ring, necklace, or earring, is designed to be cherished for generations.