James AY

James AY is a Danish brand that embodies a world of eco-conscious sunglasses, founded in 2019.  They are dedicated to crafting timeless designs that transcend generations. Every aspect of their products, from materials to shapes and production methods, is carefully selected, and they actively participate in various initiatives to safeguard the environment through their products and partnerships.

James AY sunglasses are all made from Mazzuchelli M49; a plant-based acetate that combines cellulose protein derived from plants, seeds and wood fibers with a natural plasticiser. 90% of the material converts into natural gasses after only 115 days. The remaining share turns into water and biomass according to the UN-EN-ISO 14855-2: 2018 standard.

Furthermore the hinges on the sunglasses are made from up to 60% recycled materials. The sleeves are made from recycled leather and the cloth is made from recycled bottles.