Leleah is a Danish-based jewelry brand with a story rooted in the passion for gemstones and vintage beads. Mona, the talented artisan behind these beautifully handcrafted pieces, has built her small business around this love. Each creation is made from ‘gold filled’, a blend of 14-karat gold and brass known for its compatibility with all skin types and lasting color.

At A Door we have loved Mona’s jewelry from the very beginning and we feel grateful to have been representing her beautiful pieces since the day we opened the shop in 2016. Since then Mona has dedicated her work-life to jewelry making and it's truly inspiring to witness her company's growth as her creations have found their way into countless people's jewelry collections.

Despite this growth, Leleah remains committed to the same meticulous handmade craftsmanship, using fine materials, and Mona continues to craft beautiful and unique pieces for all of us.