Lemon Honey Jewellery

Behind the Copenhagen based brand Lemon Honey Jewellery is goldsmith Sarah, who has been creating the most beautiful and poetic pieces of jewelry since her graduation as a goldsmith in 2010. She holds a special place in our hearts, not just for her beautiful jewelry that we adore wearing, but also for her enduring friendship spanning many years. It’s truly a pleasure to follow her journey in jewelry making, and we cherish the fact that each piece is handcrafted and unique and has little signs of love in every piece.

Sarah exclusively works with the finest materials, using 18-karat solid gold and sterling silver for silver items, all sourced from recycled materials ensuring minimal waste. The diamonds she uses are ethically sourced, and the pearls come from sustainable farms. She only buys from small local suppliers that she trusts.

Her rings, earrings, and necklaces are simply irresistible and you easily fall in love.