Less Is More

Less Is More is a certified organic cosmetics brand offering both hair and skin care products, all cruelty-free and handcrafted in Vienna, Austria.

It is reflected in both the company and the products, that founder, Dr. Doris Brandhuber, grew up by beautiful lakes and rugged mountains in Austria, surrounded by plants, minerals and the clean water of the Alps.

Initially, Less Is More focused solely on haircare, later expanding to include Less Is More Organic Body Care and finally Less Is More Organic Face Care.

The Body Care is a gentle, plant-based care line for fragrance lovers that adds a special touch to everyday life suitable for all skin types, including children.

The face care range is a compact, balancing skincare range that responds to the skin’s daily needs and common skin concerns. With all plant-based active ingredients based on cutting-edge scientific discoveries, the products are highly effective, easy to use and deliver really outstanding results.

The company also tries to minimize their ecological footprint and protect the climate in all areas of their business, with the use of recycled materials and recyclable packaging, environmentally friendly ingredients and green logistics.