Kansa Wand Face Tool
Kansa Wand Face Tool

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Kansa Wand Face Tool

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THE RAAW KANSA WAND is the tool your skin has been waiting for.

A Kansa wand is an ancient beauty tool to balance, de-puff and firm your skin. A simple facial massage with the Kansa Wand is an efficient way to smooth and firm the skin for a ‘natural face lift’. The magical wand revitalizes and plumps skin, softens fine lines, de-puff eyes, firms the jawline and cheekbones, tones facial muscles and promotes collagen production. The Kansa Wand will also draw out toxins and accumulated acidity from the skin.

Will leave your skin balanced, rejuvenated and with renewed oxygen.

How long should a Kansa massage be?
Massage the face for 5 -10 minutes on each side of the face.
You can make your face massage as long or short as you like until you feel relaxed and revitalized. While using it you can see the toxins being released from your face.

How many times can I use the Kansa Wand?
You can do a Kansa massage as often as you’d like. 2-3 times per week is good for your skin, but can be used every day if you like. The wands have no limited usages. The wands are not battery operated - they’re made from high quality teak wood and Kansa metal, so they’ll last a very long time and can be used as many times as you like.

There are no side effects of using a Kansa wand... except for amazing skin of course!