Black Anise, 50ml
Black Anise, 50ml
Black Anise, 50ml


Black Anise, 50ml

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A vibrant, smoky amber with dynamic star anise top notes, a rich black currant and cacao heart, and a distinctive tobacco base, Black Anise is a dark and sultry scent that is sure to surprise. Long-lasting, powerful and deeply memorable.


Top: Star Anise

Heart: Cacao, Black Currant

Base: Tobacco


100% Natural | Non-toxic |Vegan Certified

eau de parfum 50ML


Full ingredients list:

All ingredients are derived from natural sources. Abel guarantees fairtrade and sustainable farming practices.

clary sage absolute - France
davana oil - India
cassis absolute burgundy - France
star anise oil - China
tolu balsam - *El Salvador
apricot seed oil (bitter almond oil) - Morocco
cedarwood oil - China
patchouli oil - Indonesia
guaiac wood oil - Paraguay
cade oil rect. - India
cistus labdanum absolute - Spain
vanillin biotech - *vanilla note
ambrettolide biotech - *naturally derived musk note
coffee pfico extract CO2 - *arabica blend
damascenone beta - *naturally derived dark rose note
hexenyl butrate cis 3 - *naturally derived red fruit note
hexyl acetate - *naturally derived apple note
decalactone gamma - *naturally derived cacao note
ethyl methyl butrate 2 - *naturally derived berry note
anethol - *naturally derived star anise extract
ambroxan - *naturally derived ambergris note
INCI (potential allergens): - benzyl cinnamate, benzyl benzoate, linalool, isoeugenol