'Beau' Perfume Oil
'Beau' Perfume Oil

'Beau' Perfume Oil

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BASIUM is latin for the kiss, and everything we put on our bodies should feel like that: Pure, conscious and intimate.

BASIUM’s organic self-care products are created to empower people to take good care of themselves and the environment at the same time. By capturing the beauty of plants, our products have been formulated with organic, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients only, containing none of the harmful ingredients associated with mainstream cosmetics. They are created to evolve on your skin depending on your body’s chemistry whilst providing countless therapeutic properties.

While making sure the ingredients are 100% natural
and organic, they are doing their utmost to limit the environmental footprint. The goal is to remove any plastic usage from within their product range and to find suppliers for the bottles, lids and packaging that only use recycled or sustainable materials.


A raw and smoky scent that derives from the deep earth with a hint of sweetness. The grounding properties of the key ingredients, including Australian dead sandalwood, combine to create a sense of calmness and allow you to reset.

Therapeutic properties: calming, centering, may help to alleviate anxiety 


Patchouli (Indonesia)
Cedar Leaf (Austria)
Labdanum (Spain)

100% Organic
Recycled paper packaging


Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil
Parfum (100% natural)

*Naturally occurring allergen