Pennyroyal Mint Sachet
Pennyroyal Mint Sachet

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Pennyroyal Mint Sachet

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The delicate purple sprigs of Pennyroyal Mint make a marvelous herbal tea. However, adventurous cooks will find its gorgeous appearance and refreshing flavor inspiring for other uses. For example, you can infuse Pennyroyal into homemade drinks and syrups or use it as a topping over creamy soups or crunchy salads. Sourced from a natural plantation where herbs grow spontaneously in a semi-wild state, this hard-to-find variety of Mint is available in limited quantities each season.

Pennyroyal Mint was a typical delicacy for ancient Greeks and Romans, who used it to season food or to aromatize their wine. However, its popularity dwindled through the centuries. It has a sweet, floral fragrance and a slight cooling effect. Use small amounts to add a flavor reminiscent of spearmint to stews, soups, and salads. Also great for cocktails. 

To use as an herbal tea*, you’ll need 1 tsp (approximately 0.5g) per 250 ml cup. Brew for 5 minutes at 95°C and cover. Strain and serve.

* Avoid consuming during pregnancy and lactation without medical advice.

For optimal quality, place in an airtight container in a drawer or cupboard. Properly storing your herbs is very important as it expands their life span. Avoid direct sunlight and humidity.