Gun Ana

Gun Ana was founded in Stockholm in 2020 by two friends, Kajsa Regnér & Sigrid Osvald.

The founders met during a skiing season in the french alps and early on realised the importance of using sunscreen during both summer and winter days. 

“We noticed how the market started to change when it came to beauty with brands focusing more on lifestyle but how the suncare category was lagging behind. Seeing as sunscreen is such an important product, we set out to redefine what a suncare brand can be and how to use sunscreen".

Gun Ana’s mission is to completely change the viewpoint of sunscreen, both when it comes to formulations, but also in terms of packaging. With multifunctional, easy to use formulations containing high UV protection as well as botanical oils and extracts, we created our unique products made for all year round use.

The name Gun Ana comes from an ancient sun goddess. Her rays were seen as the link between the sun, the earth and all living beings on the planet. This message connects strongly with the two founders as they believe in having a holistic mindset in everything they do, from choosing the ingredients to how the ship the products - everything is connected and can make a difference. 

Gun Ana’s core values lies within making considered choices when it comes to how they make their products. They believe in having a circular mindset which is why they use oat oil, an ingredient with many skin benefits that is upcycled from the food industry, and post consumer recycled pet for their packaging. They look to the Scandinavian flora when choosing core ingredients and produce their products locally on the west coast of Sweden.