"Gemte Tanker" Necklace  /  'Lykke', 'Måne', 'Power' & 'For Evigt'

"Gemte Tanker" Necklace / 'Lykke', 'Måne', 'Power' & 'For Evigt'

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By Thiim has created a new collection with little "hidden thoughts". Every bracelet has its own morse code made with colored glass beads. A nice gift for someone you care for or to wear it yourself as a gentle reminder. By Thiim has selected a few of the morse codes for this necklace. 

'Lykke': Dark Green and symbolizes hope.

'Måne': Yellow for The Moon followed by a lightening star. 

'Power': Dark Blue and symbolizes strenght. 

'For Evigt': Pale Blue symbolizes the infinity of the sky. 

Material: 24K gold plated sterling silver

Size: Adjustable between 37 - 43,5 cm