Birthstone Ring
Birthstone Ring
Birthstone Ring

Birthstone Ring

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Handmade fine ring with a choice of 12 different gemstones, one for each month of the year.

The Jukserei birthstone rings were made to celebrate you or someone special to you! It is meant as a personal gift for yourself, your friend, mom or girlfriend. Choose your own birth month, or the month of someone special to you. 
Every month/gemstone is known to have its own super powers. So you can choose according to your birth month or according to the gemstone's qualities:

Choose between 12 colors of gemstones (sizes in mm) when ordering:
JANUARY/GARNET (2,90mm): Passion, Energy and Health
FEBRUARY/AMETHYST (3,80mm): Trust, Intuition and Spirituality
MARCH/AQUAMARINE (4,37 mm): Fluidity, Soothing and Go with the flow
APRIL/CLEAR QUARTZ (4,57mm): Clarity, Manifestation and Focus
MAY/EMERALD (4,25 mm): Harmony, Beauty and Security
JUNE/PEACH MOONSTONE (3,00mm): Positivity, Balance and Soothing
JULY/RUBY (4,35mm) : Love, Courage and Passion
AUGUST/PERIDOT (3,65mm): Happiness, Confidence and Protection
SEPTEMBER/SAPPHIRE (3,50mm): Loyalty, Strength and Integrity
OCTOBER/OPAL (3,90mm): Good Luck, Self-Consciousness and Creativity
NOVEMBER/CITRINE (4,15mm): Happiness, Joy and Light
DECEMBER/TURQUOISE (3,90mm): Health, protection and Wisdom

Choose between 2 sizes when ordering:
Size 1 (50)
Size 2 (54)

The sizes can variate a bit since it is handmade.

Material: 24k goldplated sterling silver adorned with real gemstones. Like all gemstones, there is a possibility that they might fade slightly over time the more you love and wear them!